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CRAB Analytics

Data analysis, consulting and interim leadership solutions for your aviation supply chain needs

We help you to achieve your business goals in all industries but specifically in the aviation and (e)VTOL sectors, from strategy to project execution, through to realizing true value. By utilising data analytics, goal-oriented consulting together with comprehensive implementation programs, we offer the most appropriate cost-effective solutions to meet the complex challenges in your supply chain.


Supply Chain Analytics

Through data mining, aggregation and analysis, you gain transparency about your supply networks and identify risks and potential opportunities. This provides you with relevant decision-making aids for the optimal management of your supply chain – quick quality data, active responses, no lengthy, complex and cost-intensive implementation projects.

Leadership Supply Chain Strategies

As an entrepreneur and leader, we offer you contemporary, practical, and highly functional consulting and implementation strategies with recommendations from a holistic objective view outside of your own supply chain. Aligning your business objectives with the supplier landscape in the context of the wider economic environment.

Experts for your supply chain

We have availability of highly talented experienced supply chain professionals with extensive aviation expertise, and high-level business acumen at executive management level, for short to mid-term support, either on-site or remote. We can help identify and solve your supply chain problems and create the basis for long term sustained development of them.
Additional supply chain expertise enables your company to react very quickly, flexibly and in line with your needs to resolve blockages, capacity constraints, and supply disruption situations wherever caused.

Supply Chain Analytics

We supply an effective way to analyze your entire supply chain

Through logical data analysis, you gain transparency about your supply networks and identify risks and potential opportunities.

Prevent restricted supply due to incorrect predictions of future demand, inaccurate price forecasts, design changes or political disruption.

Relevant decision making support for the optimal management of your aviation supply chain – responding  to your data analysis quickly without lengthy, complex and costly implementation projects.

Data consolidation and data mining

You get fast and time-saving insights across different data types; identifying patterns  that are recognisable you gain a complete  overview of the performance of your supply chain.

Key performance indicators and reporting

Identifying the KPI’s important to your business is essential. The creation of a performance monitoring system that establishes the basis for continued development and adherence to objectives. This will provide operational transparency and increase overall supply chain effectiveness.

Forecast models

This can provide data-driven decision support at the touch of a button. Additionally, it can provide certainty in selection and evaluation of alternative scenarios thus reducing costs and the possibility of supply interruptions and productivity losses. The clear net result is a higher degree of control and improved service levels for your customers.

Strategic and organisational support for all relevant supply chain topics

As an entrepreneur and leader, you gain a modern, practical and highly functional strategy consulting and implementation recommendation through the objective view of your supply chain, from an external perspective.

Supply Chain Strategies


You receive support for further development as well as any necessary changes that need implementing in your company. Flexible, highly qualified service with fully time managed expertise on demand for all topics related to the supply chain in aviation.


We analyse your current situation (organisation, processes, IT, employees, communication and identify risks) and develop a targeted solution. We can supply the expertise to create the structure, process and tools to make your supply chain perform.

Aviation experts for your supply chain

We cover all relevant core competences and processes in the supply chain

A high level of expertise and experience in supply chain as well as in the aviation industry, we are available to you as specialists and managers.

Personnel capacity problems in your supply chain departments are solved at short notice. We can support with short-term availability of talent and expertise for aviation and  (e)VTOL market both on site or remotely.

Project Management

We offer project managers for classic projects or specific aviation tasks. Technical expertise and many years of project experience in aviation and supply chain are guaranteed.
Your order, budget and deadlines will be met and the only thing exceeded will be your expectations

Interim Management

Interim managers for all areas within your supply chain.
You receive experienced managers who solve complex tasks for you and secure the ongoing day-to-day business. You gain additional capacities easily and at short notice without the need for permanent employment.


You gain cost advantages through scaling when you outsource process steps, tasks or entire areas of your supply chain. Increasing expertise, and capacity without increasing your overhead, we are here to take the most challenging tasks.

About CRAB Analytics

CRAB Analytics designs the appropriate supply chain and purchasing strategy for small and medium-sized companies, using innovative algorithms and methods to increase supply chain performance.